Outputs of SemiBin

Single sample/co-assembly binning

  • output_recluster_bins: directory of all reconstructed bins after reclustering.
  • output_bins: directory of all reconstructed bins before reclustering.
  • model.h5: saved semi-supervised deep learning model.
  • data.csv/data_split.csv: data used in the training of deep learning model.
  • *_data_cov.csv/*_data_split_cov.csv: coverage data generated from depth file.
  • cannot/cannot.txt: cannot-link file used in the training.
  • recluster_bins_info.tsv: table with basic information on each bin (name, total number of basepairs, number of contigs, N50, and L50; more columns may be added in the future)

Multi-samples binning

  • bins: Reconstructed bins from all samples.
  • samples/*.fasta: Contig fasta file for every sample from the input whole_contig.fna.
  • samples/*_data_cov.csv: same in single sample/coassembly binning.
  • samples/{sample-name}/: directory of the output of SemiBin for every sample(same as that in Single sample/coassembly binning).